3 reasons why I would never be on The Apprentice

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The Apprentice finished in the UK a couple of weeks ago, and after watching the final it got me thinking of why I would never want to apply for the apprentice.

Here are my top 3 reasons:

1. The early starts.

I like my sleep, however quite often my brain is busy thinking about project ideas while I am trying to actually get to sleep. The end result is I don't sleep that well and am not much of a morning person.

2. Suits you sir.

I work in a fairly casual office with only the occasional shirt required - which is fortunate as my ironing skills leave a lot to be desired and I need to empty the kitchen cupboard to get the ironing board out. 

3. The business plan. 

Unlike the other two reasons, the problem with the business plan would be which single idea to pick. Only one of this years finalists kept their plan in the area they already worked and have proven results.

Over the years I have had quite a few mini projects which have barely even been finished before my focus has switched to the next big idea. 

To name the last few:

  • Website Tests (www.websitetests.co.uk)
    Started: Spring 2011

    A part time website usability testing service, based around a "10 minute friendliness test". Rather than focusing on the high-end business market with huge budgets and demands, my target market was small / medium websites that could do with a nudge in the right direction and plain english feedback. 

  • Road Karma (www.roadkarma.co.uk)
    Started: March 2012 

    The Road Karma project was to promote drivers to be more considerate by paying more attention to their driving. Using the Twitter Bootstrap framework I was going to use the Road Karma project to learn HTML5. Barely hit the road (pardon the pun), before I came up with the idea for Cookie Free Analytics.
  • Cookie Free Analytics (www.cookiefreeanalytics.co.uk)
    Started: April 2012 

    Compared to my other projects / ideas, this was the largest yet. Built to help provide a Plan B for using Google Analytics while avoiding the fallout from the EU Cookie law, it has the potential to expand out in many ways (Download, Event & Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics).

    The IIS version has hit 50 downloads since it was released for free on 22nd April, the hack together PHP version has already hit 10 downloads in the last 2 weeks (and it hardly has any features yet).

You're fired!

While they all have merits, I am still looking for the next big idea to top them all.
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