Make a plan and stick to it (or at least feel guilty when you don't)

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A few weeks into 2010 and most peoples resolutions are already falling behind their expected targets. In my personal view the most likely reason is people set too high a target for themselves as they don't want to been seen taking the "soft" option.

Its been two weeks since the last work out blog post, have you all been keeping busy? "No" would be your most likely answer. Neither have I.


The Website Workout: Are your page descriptions relevant & how to check.

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This week I have a quick workout for you. All you'll be needing is good old google search and its "site:" command.

Here's a quick way to check your page title and description:

  • Pop over to your regional Google site ( in my case).
  • In the search box type in (without quotes) "site:" followed by your website url. For this site it would be ""
  • Click search
You will now see the pages that Google has indexed for your site, their page titles and descriptions. Have a quick read thru them to make sure they match up to what you would expect to see. 
The issue with blog / CMS systems
In my case I've still got quite a bit of work to do! The page title for my home page is showing the tag line. In addition to that most of the category pages are also showing the same tag line. Lastly there are pages showing up that don't exist (?page=159).
Looks like I have some investigation work to sort that out.

Who moved my cheese? My recommended short book of the month

9. January 2012 20:56 by Dave in General  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

If you are one of those people, like me, who tend to put their head in the sand each time change in work or social life comes knocking at the door then this short book should be just what you need. Especially if you are facing changes at work due to cut backs and general recession.


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