The Website Workout: Weekly Check list

31. December 2011 11:08 by Dave in Website Workout  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

To get you started on the 2012 resolutions I have put together a quick weekly check list for "Be Found", "Be Friendly" and "Be Current". Available in PDF format for easy printing.

Don't worry, they aren't time consuming. However there are a few one-off tasks which may take longer to do but no pain no gain!


The Website Workout: Get warmed up with Google's free services

16. December 2011 22:00 by Dave in Website Workout  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Disclaimer: I'll admit now that I am a fan of Google's offerings. They have loads of services for you to use on your website and nearly all of them are free. You get decent tools for the job - at a price that's right.

As a warm up exercise I'll introduce you to the Google tools we will need next year. More...

The Website Workout: 5 New Years resolutions for a small business - Intro

13. December 2011 21:41 by Dave in Website Workout  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Keep your website in good shape with this series covering 5 New Years resolutions you should have for your website.

Health experts recommend 30 minutes exercise a day, however in reality it ends up being that a week for most people - websites are no exception.

Finding time to look after your website is never easy. It's all too common to put that "to do" list off, until the weeks turn into months and you wonder where to start. That's why I am introducing "The Website Workout" (ta da!) to help you stick to the new resolutions.

Don't panic; there are no protein shakes, diets or money (maybe a few pounds) required - simply pick a different "Workout" each week to vary your routine.


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